Overview: My Internet of Things and MobileFirst adventure

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UPDATED:  I’ve done some follow-up work on this project and rather than keep pasting new additions and changes onto the existing content, I have decided to rewrite the series to better reflect the process from start to finish.  If you have read the series before, you may fine some interesting new aspects added and others removed.  Some of the old content was no longer applicable due to updates in Bluemix services.  I also went a little off the deep end with an Apple Watch. 🙂

I am diving into a new project where my eventual goal is to have a mobile app on my phone communicate to a “thing” on the internet.  Yes, those are pretty poorly defined requirements so right off the bat I did some research to decide what the “thing” should be, what amazing task it should perform and how I should make it talk to my phone.

Due to…

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