The Biggest Impact: Gen Z, Gen D or Gen Y?

Social Media to Social Business

I did a lot of reading over the holidays and was exploring all the new “generations” upon us.

I was fascinated by the studies on my daughters era — the Gen Z!

Gen Z:

These are the kids born after the Gen Ys — the Millenials.  They have never known a world without the Internet, mobile devices or ‘I’ everything!   For their entire life, they have had instant access to mountains of data on any topic that flutters through their imaginations.  They crave constant and immediate feedback.   But they have also grown up hearing about global warming, 9-11, and have been subjected to terror alerts of varying colors and watched their parents weather the recent economic crisis.

Gen Z is going to have little interest in sitting behind a desk for 40 hours a week .   They demand to freelance, and want to swoop in with their particular expertise (they’ll…

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