Get enterprise-level analytics on a startup-level budget: IBM Analytics Starter Program

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You know one of the biggest obstacles as a startup is having the revenue to buy or get access to software that could enhance your solutions. It gets even tougher when your clients are clamoring for analytics solutions to address their business challenges. You’ve got to get the solutions they need and fast!

We have the solution!
That’s why we’ve created the IBM Analytics Starter Program for startup ISVs! It can help you break through barriers and integrate proven, enterprise-strength software in the solutions you deliver to your clients!

Start-ups don’t have additional funds to invest in software. The IBM Analytics Starter Program takes away that barrier to entry! We offer software for no charge and no royalties for 18 months.

Who qualifies for the program?
If you are a member of IBM Global Entrepreneur, you’re already most of the way there! In addition, you must meet these two criteria:

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Do you have a Young Spirit? Try it on Social Networks!

Social Media to Social Business

I heard many people say that they are “too old” for social.   I don’t buy this at all.   Social has nothing to do with age….. but a young spirit.    We all need to keep a youthful attitude instead of not changing or adapting.  This works in life as well as with Social Networks!

Social networking is not just used by the young and the restless. Which age groups are using social media?

Did you know that: 

  1. 72% of all internet users are now active on social media
  2. 18-29 year olds have an 89% usage
  3. The 30-49 bracket sits at 72%
  4. 60 percent of 50 to 60 year olds are active on social media
  5. In the 65 plus bracket, 43% are using social media

(You can see more stats at:

Also per Pew Research:

stats age

Some tips!

1.  Learn some tools like Facebook, Twitter, or whatever your “crowd” leverages.   Do…

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What is Growth Hacking? Hint: Content is queen!

Social Media to Social Business

Everyone is talking about growth hacking … but what is it?

Well here are some facts!

  • It was created by start ups and entrepreneurs as a way to do “marketing” but I really consider it an intersection of product, marketing, and data.
  • It is typically low cost alternative to costly ways to get attention
  • It is part of an online marketing ecosystem!!!
  • Growth Hacking runs on the engine of “content”
  • Skills needed are techniques such as search engine optimization, website analytics, content marketing and A/B testing which are already mainstream.

Some examples include:

An early example of “growth hacking” was Hotmail‘s inclusion of “PS I Love You” with a link for others to get the free online mail service. Another example was the offer of more storage by Dropbox to users who referred their friends  (these were featured as well in Wikipedia)

One way to learn Growth Hacking, is…

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The Biggest Impact: Gen Z, Gen D or Gen Y?

Social Media to Social Business

I did a lot of reading over the holidays and was exploring all the new “generations” upon us.

I was fascinated by the studies on my daughters era — the Gen Z!

Gen Z:

These are the kids born after the Gen Ys — the Millenials.  They have never known a world without the Internet, mobile devices or ‘I’ everything!   For their entire life, they have had instant access to mountains of data on any topic that flutters through their imaginations.  They crave constant and immediate feedback.   But they have also grown up hearing about global warming, 9-11, and have been subjected to terror alerts of varying colors and watched their parents weather the recent economic crisis.

Gen Z is going to have little interest in sitting behind a desk for 40 hours a week .   They demand to freelance, and want to swoop in with their particular expertise (they’ll…

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